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The website of Petrans d.o.o. ( uses cookies to provide a better user experience, optimize the display of personalized content, and track visitor statistics. Users are informed about the use of cookies upon their first visit to the website through a notification and are asked for specific consent for the use of cookies according to their purpose.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that a website loads onto your device. Some cookies are necessary for the functioning of websites, while others enable a better user experience and tracking of statistics based on anonymous data. Cookies do not contain personal or other data that could be used to identify the user. Withdrawing consent may affect the functioning of certain parts of the website or disable the use of specific services.

Why are cookies necessary?

Cookies serve various purposes. In our case, we categorize them according to the following types:

Necessary cookies

Technically necessary cookies enable navigation and basic website functions. Without these cookies, the use of the website would not be possible. These cookies, also known as "strictly necessary cookies," provide essential functions without which you would not be able to use the website as intended. We use these cookies exclusively, and they are referred to as first-party cookies. They are stored on your computer only during the browsing session.

Functional cookies

In addition to cookies that are necessary for the functioning of our website, certain third-party software used on the website may store cookies on your device across all our web pages. This section refers to other cookies (third-party cookies) that enable the operation/functionality of our website.

Petrans d.o.o. cannot control the use of these cookies or influence the use of information collected by these cookies by third parties. Petrans d.o.o. only provides the platform that allows storage of these third-party cookies. Petrans d.o.o. emphasizes that further terms and conditions of third parties may apply to the use of data collected by these cookies.

Advertising and profiling cookies

This type of cookies allows us to retarget users of our website when they browse any website within the advertising network. It is used for marketing our products and services when users search or visit other websites, by displaying ads for specific services of Petrans d.o.o. Different types of marketing cookies are not mandatory, and this website can function without them. Therefore, you have the option to give consent or decline them at any time.

Analytics tracking cookies

Petrans d.o.o. uses third-party software for collecting data about website usage and visits. These providers/service providers store a persistent cookie on your device, which is used to register your website usage. The third parties then analyze this data and provide the results to Petrans d.o.o. This allows Petrans d.o.o. to gain insights into how the website is used and make adjustments to the website or offered services based on this information. As a user, you can choose or refuse these cookies (opt-in/opt-out).

List of cookies used on the website:

pll_language - This cookie ensures the functionality of multilingualism on the website. It remembers the language version of the website you are visiting. Retention:1 year. Source:

cookie_notice_accepted - These cookies indicate whether you, as a user, have accepted the cookie notice. Retention: 1 month. Source: