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Team spirit


Company History

Company establishment
We began as a small local company with three team members and one vehicle. Our first industry was transport, but we later expanded the company's operations to many other activities. We are proud to have overcome all challenges and grown into a successful and ambitious international company.


Becoming an authorised Humbaur dealer
Becoming an authorised Humbaur trailer dealer for the Slovenian market represents the first major milestone in our growth and development. In parallel with the growing volume of business and work, our team also grew, and our company became an increasingly recognizable player in the Slovenian market.


New business premises in Ljubljana
Due to the continuous increase in the scope of work, the expansion of our vehicle fleet and the inclusion of new members in our energetic team, we moved to larger premises in Ljubljana (Leskoškova cesta). During this time, the company’s fleet increased to 30 vehicles, and the team grew to 50 employees.


Becoming an authorised Kögel dealer
Becoming an authorised Kögel trailer dealer for the Slovenian market represents one of the most important milestones in our company’s growth and development. We are honoured because our successful work has contributed to the fact that the brand has been continuously increasing its market share in the Slovenian market.


Moving to our present location
Moving to our present location in Ljubljana (Rudnik) has brought significant advantages for our business and represents a key milestone in our company’s development. The new space of 32,000 m2 has allowed us to expand our offer and to include a vehicle servicing workshop, parking lots and storage facilities among our comprehensive solutions.


Becoming an authorised Kögel dealer for Croatia
Thanks to the rapid and successful growth of the market share in Slovenia, we also became an authorised Kögel trailer dealer for the Croatian market. We have set equally ambitious goals in this market as well: to become one of the leading providers in the field of trailer sales.


Opening a vehicle servicing workshop
The period of rapid growth and development has brought many changes. As part of our growth, we opened our own vehicle servicing workshop at our premises in Ljubljana (Rudnik). This enabled us to start providing customers and business partners with reliable maintenance and repairs of commercial vehicles and the sale of spare parts.


We look forward to new challenges
Today, we rank among the top 3 companies in the field of trailer sales on the domestic market and among the 5 most successful transport companies in Slovenia. But this is only the beginning of our journey – our gaze remains fixed on the future and we are certain that, with hard work and a driven approach, we will successfully overcome all challenges.


Need a reliable partner?

Through dedicated work, we build strong ties and solid partnerships that make us all better and stronger. Together we can achieve more and improve our results, so we invite you to participate.

If you need a reliable partner in the field of logistics services, don’t hesitate to contact us. Together we will find the right solution for your company.